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The Racketeer - Quality Sporting Memorabilia

There can be fewer pleasures in life more gratifying, than whiling away a few hours absorbed in sporting endeavour; listening to the sound of ball on willow after a perfect cover drive, watching the arc of a tennis ball during a clay-court rally or hearing the ‘plop’ of a golf-ball falling into the hole. Add to this the companionship of a rugby XV (both on the pitch and in the Snug Bar after the game), or the quiet satisfaction to be gained from a battling performance against the odds. The true racketeer will come to recognise many of these things across his (or her) sporting lifetime. However, away from the tension of competition there is much satisfaction to be found whilst sipping a Pimms on the members’ balcony at the Queen’s Club, soaking up the atmosphere of day one of a Lords’ test or a leisurely Sunday morning lost in an old copy of Wisden.

This site is aimed at those looking to gain their sporting pleasures in that more sedate manner; it should prove invaluable to all those requiring a helping hand in the quest for the complete sporting library, the search to fill some wall space in the Billiard Room, or simply in the desperate attempt to find a birthday present for the relative with almost everything.

The Racketeer (he of rakish grin and flamboyant moustache; his Corinthian ideals reflecting a “glorious” age of sport when honesty and integrity were as important as athleticism and Brylcream) will be available to provide a helping hand in picking the right object for the right occasion (at least when he’s not playing or watching at one of his numerous clubs) – use his expertise wisely, as you select a book, a print or maybe even a programme from his ever-changing collection! If you are buying from outside the United Kingdom, then please bear a couple of things in mind when placing your order: all postage is via the Royal Mail (as, whilst not the cheapest service, we have found them to be the most reliable); postage costs are based on a combination of average sizes and weights - where this causes actual costs to be lower than advertised, the Racketeer will look to refund any difference (once packaging costs have been accounted for).

When idling about the Racketeer may be found at: 5 High Street, Wraysbury, Berkshire, TW19 5DA